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CIDER CLUB (The First Meeting - Become a Founding Member)

Wanna know more about Craft Cider?

Then this is THE club for you. Just don't talk about it, yeah?

This is the inaugural meeting of our new Cider Club and YOUR chance to be a founding member... and we will even give you a free t-shirt to show off too.

Each event will showcase some interesting Ciders, both from the UK and Overseas, and give you the opportunity to discuss these with other attendees.

The range is not just limited to those we have in-store, no way Jose.

We will also be showcasing test batches/ bottles sent by our awesome suppliers, both existing and potential. We will give you the opportunity to pass feedback to them (we can be brutal or nice, but totally honest).

This is a great opportunity to meet fellow Cider freaks, taste some amazing (and possibly rank) ciders, and have some fun in our friendly, relaxed and very cool (if we do say so ourselves) railway arch bar & shop in Parsons Green.