12 x Pilango Liberated 5%


12 x Pilango Liberated 5%


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About me… 

Our first and original Cider. Made from left over apples from people’s gardens, allotments and orchards, its made to be a crowd please; not too dry, not too sweet, not too panic and big, but enough flavour to keep things interesting. Clear, light golden colour. Nose of apple and citrus. Slightly sparkling with hints of green apple, lime, crab apple, refreshing lemons.

I go well with… 

Chicken, pork, fish, friends and fun times

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Try me if you like… 

Dry Aussie Riesling, or a zesty Spanish verdejo 

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Brown Ale, Altbier, Oktoberfest, Marzen, Vienna, British Bitter, Pale Ale, Amber/Red Ale