South London Beer Festival Autumn 2017

Another weekend, another festival. This time hosted by our friends at By The Horns Brewery. This one is for charity “the Squad” and organized by long time Pilango Pal, Blogger, Tap Room superstar and all round hero Jenny. Here is are a few highlights from the day


As well as the usual delicious brews from the By The Horns Team ( as well as recent new discovery Samba King, wow!), there were some really interesting offerings from  Mondo Brewing, Roaring Four Brewery and Rocky Head . It was also great to meet the team being Earth Ale and find out a little more out about their work in using foraged ingredients in Beers. We were also really impressed with the Oktoberfest specials from Anspach & Hobday.

Click on the image to watch the Video Highlights!

Food too did not disappoint with The Chilliman UK spicing things up, and Wurst Brothers providing the best sausages this side of Barvaria.


All in all a great day. We can’t wait for the next one!