Slider Cocktail (Sloe Gin and Cider)

Traditionally in the UK, when Cider is pressed, it is left to ferment and mature until the spring, when Cider is ready to drink. But when is spring? Some say it is when the first blossom has been seen on the apple tree. Others say it is when the first cuckoo has been heard. Others (perhaps a little more numerically or scientifically minded) would say when the clocks change and British Summer Time formally begins. Either way, there is no missing it. Spring has sprung. Therefore, Cider is ready, and what better way to enjoy it than with an old countryside classic cocktail. A slider, or to give it its full name, a sloe gin and cider. It will always taste better if you use the most local ingredients (NOT based on any fact whatsoever!) hence the choices of ingredients but just use what you have to hand, and you may need to tweak quantities accordingly.


You will need:


50ml Sloe Gin

175 ml Medium Craft Cider

Ice Cubes ( or better still, frozen cider cubes)

Your choice of fruit to garnish

Hi Ball glass, tumbler or a 2/3 pint schooner

How to make:


Quite simply:


Place your ice/ frozen Cider cubes into your glass

Pour over your sloe gin

Top up with your Cider of choice

Garnish with fruit (whatever is to hand or in season).

Wassail ( its Cider-speak for cheers)!



Wassail ( its Cider-speak for cheers)!