‘The Resolution Maker’ Cocktail | Apple Cider Vinegar FTW.

You can even drink it with brunch.

You can even drink it with brunch.

We’re half way through January and a lot of you have told us that you are well on your way to doing a full dry month. Congratulations. To celebrate, we thought we would share with you one of our favourite alcohol free cocktails this week. With apple cider vinegar playing a major part it’s hard not for us to like this one. Tasting a little like kombucha, but more fancy and grown up, you can of course play around with flavourings and measurements but here is our favourite combo at Pilango HQ. We call it ‘The Resolution Maker’ in honour of you - the dry January crew.

We’ve all heard of the benefits of ACV – apple cider vinegar. It’s something the industry has been getting as a by product of cider making for years. But did you know that ACV is just a batch of cider that went a little wrong? It’s still full of all that apple-y goodness but with pretty much zero sugar and plenty of acetic acid to boot.

By adding this to the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric and cayenne pepper (purported to boost metabolism) we’ve got a good and tasty new years resolution cocktail. Finally to give the gold star of goodness we’re adding a big squeeze of lemon juice, packed with vitamin C to keep colds and flu at bay. To give it that cocktail twist make sure you’re adding plenty of ice, some soda and a tasty looking garnish. A fancy paper straw wouldn’t go amiss either.





1 tablespoon Cider Vinegar |Unfiltered ‘with the mother’ vinegar is best. Filtered would be fine too.

Juice of half a lemon

200ml water

Half a teaspoon of Turmeric

Pinch of Cayenne | They vary so do this to taste



Lemon slice for garnish



Mix the vinegar, 200ml water, lemon juice and turmeric well in a small bowl or jug. Carefully add a small pinch of cayenne (you can always add more later.) Carefully pour into a tall glass or tumbler and top with ice. Gently pour over the soda, add your lemon for garnish and maybe a tiny bit more of the cayenne for an added kick at the end.

Let us know how you get on - I’d love to see your pictures on social!

If you are time poor and still feeling flush in January we’ve got some delicious Kombucha, Soda and prohibition style drinks here in our shop. (Take me to the Bucha!)