Cider of the Week - Blakstoc 'Lazy Day Cucumber'

We seem to be at the end, or nearing the end, of summer (sadly). Dry those tears though, and help yourself to a cracking, brand new cider from Blakstoc… ‘Lazy Day Cucumber’. This week’s ‘Cider of the Week’.

“Nothing screams ”This is summer“ like  fresh cucumber. Add a hint of elderflower and you‘ve got yourself a perfect lazy day combo.  

We infused this cider with freshly picked blossoms of Styrian elder bushes, fermented cucumber juice from Seewinkel and a twist of Lemon Drop hops, which adds notes of green tea, citrus, mint and melon.”

Blakstoc ‘Lazy Day Cucmber’

Blakstoc ‘Lazy Day Cucmber’

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Come and try this wonderful cider for free at our bar & shop this week.