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Hot Drinks, The In-Cider Scoop

Hot Drinks, The In-Cider Scoop

Hasn’t the temperature dropped suddenly in the last couple of days! It got me thinking about what we drink as the weather gets colder to warm up. For me the flavourings and variety in cider let me mix it with multiple seasonal occasions. A sparkling cider champagne style toast feels special and super festive but hot cider of course has it’s benefits this time of year too.

Cider is often thought to be a drink for long summer days, festivals and warm evenings. But it doesn’t have to be reserved for the summer months. Winter is a great time of year to be considering a cosy mug of Cider to warm you inside and out. And I don’t mean the mulled stuff either (save that for the sickly, syrupy boiling pot on the corner of the bar).

Flavoured ciders are a great option to warm and often cider makers let their imaginations run wild with these blends and *bonus* they don’t have to be rot-your-teeth sweet. As we break out our cider kettles for these cold winter weeks here are our top choices for ciders to enjoy in the run up to New Year and into January.

Saxbys Plum Cider - Farndish, Northamptonshire

The cider is blended with plum juice to create an eminently drinkable, fresh fruit cider – a great one to enjoy warm and for that extra bit of kick, add a shot of spiced rum.


Cotswold Cider Company Blow Horn - Coleshill, Oxon

Cider infused with classic chai spices gives this choice a lovely warmth of flavour. It’s a great seasonal warmer which drinks well through the entire winter.  We also think it’s great all year round served cold with spicy food.


Cookoo Penny Rhubarb Cider - Bishops Froome, Herefordshire

A fantastic cider from the west blended with Yorkshire Rhubarb juice. This is a great choice to wash down a warm dessert such as a strudel or crumble.

Note - please don’t boil any of your ciders it removes the alcohol and if they are scorching hot you won’t taste them! Think soup temperature rather than tea temperature!

If you are not sure what to order for over the festive period we’ll have warm cider on throughout our December hours and you can sip on a mug with us having tasted your options first.

Opening hours are listed online and also on the website where you can find more information about our bar and shop: here If you don’t have time to make it in - try our fruit cider selection box for lots of different options that work well for warming, you can shop that here.