Enter the Ninja. The Cider-Wine Ninja

Every once in a while a member of the team here at Pilango, will take some ciders from the shop, place them into a box and make their way to a London park for an important rendezvous. When in the park, they will make their way to a particular bench at a predetermined time . There they will place the box of cider on the bench next to them, and begin to read a newspaper. By the time they have read the newspaper, the box of ciders will have disappeared, only to find a Manila envelope marked confidential.
This is the point at which they will grab the envelope, and make their way back to Pilango HQ as soon possible, stopping at no point to talk to anyone. Once back safely in the confines of Pilango HQ, the whole team will gather round to witness the reading of the contents of the envelope. The latest offering from the Cider Wine Ninja.

No one really knows who is, or how he came to be. No one knows how old he is, where he is from, what he does, what he did or what he is going to do in the future. All that we know is what he does right now. And are we grateful he does it? Hell yes.

The majority of the ciders we have in store, have undergone this process, and as such, have been paired with suggested food or dishes to enjoy them with. Furthermore, the Ninja with his expert skills also matches them to wines with similar taste profiles. Some Ciders may have a similar taste profile to a Sauvignon Blanc, a Pinot Noir, a Rose, a Prosecco or even a Chianti. Others may appeal to fans of a Riesling, a Gewurtztraminer, a Picpoul de Pinet or a Frascati. So if you are feeling curious and wish to try something new, why not challenge the Cider Wine Ninja, tell us your favourite wine, and see if we have something to match. Failing that have a read of the tags in store attached to the ciders and see if the ciders you take home really do measure up.

Challenge the Ninja. Has he got Ninja Skills?!

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