Tell us what you want, what you really, really want...

So, it's been a busy week or so for us here at Pilango. Last week members of the Cider Squad attended a one day event hosted by the Morning Advertiser at the Brewery on future trends in Beer and Cider. It was a great day and an opportunity to stop, collaborate and listen, to swap notes, lessons learned and stories about all the drinks industry is doing right and wrong to address the needs of you, our customers. We heard from the Ciderologist about his travels and his insights from a global perspective, from beer blogger Pete Brown on his take on some industry trends as well as various on and off trade veterans on how they see the evolution of the great British pub tradition. The day then continued with tastings ( well done Tiny Rebel Brewing!) as well as a beer food matching masterclass. With some great networking and chats, it really was a great opportunity for us as an industry to share our views and insights on what you as our valued customers want from us, and how we can meet your needs, wants and desires (within reason!) moving forward.

The other big event was Imbibe Live, a two day trade show where those with products showcase them to those who stock them. For us, it was our first trade show as exhibitors, so it was exciting and terrifying in equal measures. The day did go spectacularly well, at times feeling like an episode of the apprentice (but without wheely suitcases and loud socks) at other times like an episode of Cheers, but either way, it was really encouraging to get some feedback from those who we hope will be stocking our ciders in the coming weeks months and years. There was a real sense of comradery amongst the exhibitors and a great buzz about the place, as makers, marketers, share stories and innovations.


All in all for you reading this, the great cider drinking public you have a lot to be excited about and a lot to look forward to. A huge thank you to all of the speakers, and most importantly to Morning Advertiser and Imbibe Magazines for putting on two great events and letting us be part of them.