Cider Tasting 1.0

This week was an important week for us. It saw the first of what we look to be an important part of what we do, our tutored tasting events. Many of you whom will have dropped by the store will have had an opportunity to taste a sample of either our Cider or Ciders we stock, but the event we held this week, was much more than that. It wasn’t just a chance for showcase, explore and learn about an underrated drink. A drink as innovative as Craft beer diverse as wine, and with a history to match. It was a chance to focus on and explore a genuine craft drink which falls into the culture of many different parts of the world, with a huge diversity of styles, methods and histories all associated with it.


The event started with our first Cider, Pilango Liberated which was used as an opportunity to talk through how to taste a Cider. What to look for, what to look at, what to smell what to taste, so a true journey of exploration for the senses. We spoke about apple varieties and blends, yeasts, climates, soils weather patterns, all factors will influence the taste of Cider.


With many things Cider, people often are slow to appreciate the many factors which can sculpt a flavour profile. It’s almost unthinkable to go into a bar, pub, or restaurant, and ask for a ‘grape’ wine and assume it will go with whatever you are eating. Normally you would ask for a Sauvignon Blanc, a Rioja or a Prosecco to go with some fish, lamb, or party food respectively. This is less so when it comes to Cider. Rarely will people go into a venue, and ask for a Cider made from Stoke Red  apple variety to go with their south east Asian food, a Granny Smith Cider to pair their meaty white fish, or a Perry to pair with their shellfish.

With the tasters fully trained and with the most important thing to know about Cider in their minds ( i.e. we are ALL experts, as we know what we like and what we don’t like, as with wine) we went on a bit of a voyage of discovery. We went on a journey of discovery via South Africa to Italy where the prosecco making world gave its twist on Cider. We went  to Spain, with its quirky style and even quirkier method of serving. From there homewards bound to some Ciders with some musical connections, and some French influences and how oaking/ barrel aging can add a whole new level of complexity. With all that travelling around it was time to finish off and chill out, with a last cider of the evening. A journey into the curious world of Ice Cider. We talked about the fascinating methods used to create this syrupy complex, rich, nectar and how to partner it with food to maximum effect.

At which point we thanked our tasters for their views, participations, insights, stories, jokes, and went our separate ways. Them with their tasting score cards, food matching suggestions, cocktail ideas, and knowledge and us with a lot of washing up of empty glasses to wash up.


To all those who attended, thanks again for an awesome night, to all those who didn’t make it along to this one, we look forward to welcoming you along at some point in the future. Keep an eye on our website or sign up to our mailing list to be up to date with the latest dates as and when they are released.