BBQ Cider Can Chicken?!

So the long weekend is here. Let’s Barbeque. Can’t be bothered with the cooking part but want the end result? Try this…

Fire up your BBQ as normal. Now, take a can of craft cider [ or any used can rinsed out and filled with a Craft Cider]. Tip out roughly a third of its contents into a cup, glass or beaker.

Sit the can on a metal baking the middle upright.

Now, “sit” the chicken on the can of Cider, inserting the can into the cavity in the bird.

Pour the Cider that you dispensed from the can into the baking tray. Cover the whole lot in kitchen foil [ this creates a steamy effect and keep the meat nice and moist]

Place the whole lot on top of a BBQ for 1.5-2 hours depending on size of bird and BBQ

When done carve up, serve up and wash down with some more Cider.

Variation: Try with a flavoured Cider e.g. Rhubarb, Damson, Blackberry, Cherry with a Duck! Or simple add some herbs such as rosemary or thyme into your Cider

Note, for the last twenty mins, we removed the foil, put some vegetables in the tray and placed bacon on the top of the bird

Conversation to have while its cooking: What type of Long weekender are you and which Cider to drink on a summers day? 

A boisterous bruncher?

Try doing so with Angioletti Secco Cider. The bottle presents as a prosecco, but this lovely sparkling cider surpasses that comparison. Fine bubbles and a nice mousse in the mouth, a dry, green apple flavour which holds into a lingering aftertaste. Snack on a few BBQ prawns whilst its cooking…


A long luncher?

If there is a lamb burger anywhere nearby, try with a Bulbeggar cider. Glorious deep golden colour, subtle apple flavour tempered by oak, with dry tannins on the finish comparable to a lively medium bodied red wine such as Italian chianti, anglianico, or French Chinon, red burgundy.


Serving something lighter than red meat – try Olivers Pomona medium find Cider.  It has a clear, sunset yellow / orange colour in the glass. There’s a gentle carbonation and a good weight of apple fruit taste; medium bodied, with fine tannins and tart fruit acid giving a refreshing dry finish on the palate.  Reminiscent of a light bodied pinot noir such as Irancy (aka “red Chablis”), or a dry Provençal rosé.  


An afternoon Cider Sipper?

Why not try our very own Hopped? A light weight of apple flavour with notes of citrus and elderflower – perfect for kicking back in the afternoon.

As for us – well Pilango is a social butterfly that loves brunching, lunching and luxuriating in afternoon chatter. We hope whatever type of long weekender you are that you enjoy a few work free days and that cider manages to feature in them somewhere! Drop by the shop if you would like some personalised recommendations!