Cider of the Week - Hallets Real Cider

This week’s cider of the week is a lovely little Welsh number from Hallets.

Hallets Real Cider 6%

Hallets Real Cider

Hallets Real Cider

£3.10 (330ml)

I'm from… 

Caerphilly, Wales  

About me… 

Slow natural fermentation produces unique, complex richness. A clear cider has a ripe apple bouquet delivers on full bodied flavour. It’s a still cider but has a slight tingle. Richly coloured, Depth of apple flavour, pear, & coconut with a little fruit sugar initially leading to a gentle dry finish with little acidity.

How sparkly am I? Still

How sweet am I? Medium-sweet/Medium-dry

How much boom in the bottle? Medium-bodied

I go well with… 

Charcuterie, hard cheese, roast pork, Thai, Turkey Coconut

You can purchase this online, or in our bar & shop this week… come grab a free sample and try before you buy!