Cider meets Art: Art Sippers Bring their experience to Pilango

Last night we hosted Art Sippers at our bar & shop for a fun evening where Cider met Art.

Art sippers are a great, fun and engaging experience led events company, and they host groups of people who are encouraged to express themselves through the form of art, as well as meet new people, spend time with old friends, relax, and unwind, while enjoying some really exciting new drinks.

This week we welcomed them in to unleash people’s creative side, by painting a fabulous image of a Flamingo, with some expert guidance from Josie and Elliot in a fun, informal (most importantly non- judgemental) environment with the back ground of some good music.

The perfect anti-dote to stressed inner-city life or an adult take on school art classes?

As the session began, there were a few nervous smiles. Cut forward a couple of hours and nothing but happy smiles, pride and a sense of surprise.

New-found artists, new-found cider lovers… win-win

New-found artists, new-found cider lovers… win-win

Our attendees seemed surprised by what had created, as well as the drinks they had enjoyed. “I didn’t know I could paint” along with surprised choruses of “I didn’t know I liked Cider” filled the room.

The question of whether we had found the next Picasso, Monet or Turner, the jury is still out on, but let’s just say the rumour is that Banksy is rumoured to be a Bristolian, and dare we say open to a tipple of the apple stuff?!

Tickets for the next art Sippers event at Pilango Cider are available here.