Is Perry the new Pilsner?

If you are out this weekend, and find yourself in need of something long, cool, crisp and refreshing, you may be tempted to follow the crowds and seek inspiration from the Eastern side of Europe in going for an Ice cold Pilsner.

Here is one thought. Be brave, do something different.

For a similar, cool, crisp sense of refreshment, go west.

Come and see our Perry selection!

Come and see our Perry selection!

Go Perry (or Pear Cider).

Perry is very much a misunderstood drink. Much of the drinks marketing teams in Scandinavia would have you believe it is a cider flavoured with pears.

It isn’t.

It is a wonderful drink made from its own pears .

Contrary to popular belief, it is not made from the pears you would find in your local green grocers, supermarket or lunch box, (these simply don’t have the complexity of flavour, much like grapes available in the shops would be of little use to a wine maker), but are instead make from round squash like fruit, so rich in complexity they are known as spitters (try taking a bite out of one to find out why) .

These fruit grow (mainly in the west country) for many years as the trees mature (there is a saying round those parts that you plant trees for your children) before being crafted into the most fabulous artisan drinks by producers who in some parts are seen as local celebrities, remain, to the vast majority of us unknown.

If you are keen to know more, here are a few of our favourites for the curious Pilsner or lager fan, to help wet the appetite for knowledge or quench the thirst for enthusiasm.

They (and many more) are available to purchase online at the links below, or in our bar & shop… Cheers! 

Severn Cider Medium Perry

Hallett’s Real Perry

Newton Court Thorn Perry

Oliver’s Bottle Conditioned Fine Perry