Three Alternatives To Valentines Day Prosecco | Champagne Method Cider

This week we’ll give you a quick guide to three alternatives to Valentines Day Prosecco.

Hint: They are all champagne method or sparkling, they all go 'pop' when you open them and they are most likely cheaper than that bottle you've been eyeing up. They'll taste far better too!

First up it’s … Gospel Green | Buy Here | 19

Gospel Green uses the double fermentation champagne method to produce a delicious and sophisticated sparkling cider. Although super traditional and true to heritage we think they’ve got one of the best ciders for the modern drinker!

In their words:

“Gospel Green Cyder is crafted using the ‘traditional method’ as employed in the champagne region of France. This technique sees 4 months fermentation in vats followed by a minimum of 10 months in the bottle. Once secondary fermentation is complete, the bottles are disgorged and a ‘dosage’ is added developing the ‘Brut’ taste. Following the ‘dosage’ process all bottles are corked, wired, labeled and readied for sale. On the rare occasion that the apple harvest is exceptional, we produce an ‘Ultra Brut’.”

We also stock their bottles in Magnum size if you are feeling really fancy!


Hush Heath Estate Rose | Buy Here | 15

Lovely sparkling Rose Cider by by the producers of "Balfour' English Sparkling Wine in Kent. It’s medium sweet and of course a delicious pink being a rosé.

In their words…

“It is made from 100% Cox, Bramley and Egremont Russet apples, all grown and hand-picked at Hush Heath Estate.  Winemakers Owen Elias and Victoria Ash follow the Traditional Method of production, fermenting the juice in stainless steel tanks and using Champagne yeasts for the secondary fermentation in the bottle to produce a fresh, clean and delicious taste of summer in England.”

We also love the bottle and think it would be perfect for Valentines day!


Last but not least it’s Cornwall’s own…

Fowey Valley Sparkling Vintage | Buy Here | 17

We all know the West Country has a fantastic reputation for cider but Fowey Valley take it to the next level with this superb drink. Made from mainly dessert apples, aged in barrels, then bottle fermented to give balanced tannins. No sulphides, sparkling and dry.

They say:

This Sparkling Vintage Cider is made with a high proportion of dessert apples in the mix to give it that delicious ‘méthode traditionelle’ taste. We don't use any sulphites or other preservatives. The apples are just pressed, then fermented twice: first in the barrel for a year; then a second year’s fermentation in the bottle. The cider is then disgorged in the champagne style and aged further before release.  It is the secondary fermentation that gives our cider its wonderful bubbly effervescence; a method invented in the West Country for fine cider making around 1600, well before it was used in France for Champagne.“


Do remember to serve all of these ciders cellar cool or chilled, in a champagne flute or wine glass.

We stock all of them in store and also online but do ask for help if you’d like to know more!