Move Over Aperol Spritz, Aperol Sidro is here!

With the warmer weather coming up, there is nothing that’s sets the mood better than a nice cocktail on a summers afternoon. Some cocktails remain true classics and others emerge to become part of what’s hot right now, based on what we are drinking right now.  Currently, it appears the whole world is going nuts for Prosecco.With global shortages of prosecco predicted has it had its day? These shortages are going to be exacerbated with reports for a forecast struggling shortage of champagne this year due to weather conditions in the region. with global shortages predicted, given that London is also set to have its first prosecco festival this summer, are the days numbered for the wonderful Aperol Spritz? Enter craft Cider to save the day with its twist the “Aperol Sidro”:


The original Aperol Spritz takes the recipe

3 parts Prosecco

2 parts Aperol

1 part Soda

Slice of Orange, Ice cubes,

Now, given that cider does have a lower alcohol content, and does tend (dependant on choice) to have a touch more sweetness, to combined with the Aperol's natural bitter flavour, we would recommend the following:


3 Parts Cider (ideally a Craft Cider, the widely available ones tend to be a little too sweet)

1 Part Aperol

Slice of Orange, Ice cubes (or better still, cubes of frozen Cider)


The method is simple: Take a suitable glass of your choice (we would recommend a glass you would use for a gin and tonic, or a large wine glass) throw in some Ice, add your Aperol, spritz up with some Cider, garnish with a slice of orange and a straw. Enjoy and relax!