What we’re about

We love cider - plain and simple! Our mission is to challenge people’s perceptions of cider. It’s hugely diverse and many UK craft producers, as well as our international friends, are under-represented in urban drinking. Our aim is correct that – and to enjoy a few drinks with friends along the way!

Our Story

Having spent a few years in the West Country, and with a family history in apple production, cider runs in our blood. We started small, transforming apples from family and friends' gardens into cider, experimenting with different twists and bringing a bang to parties and BBQs!

After a trip to Portland – a hub of US craft beer and cider drinking - we decided to it was time to branch out from the corner of our Tooting garden and the cupboard under the stairs. We have metamorphosed into Pilango – a flamboyant cider butterfly, turning heads, galvanizing taste buds, collecting and creating distinctive ciders for curious drinkers.

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